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Ready to Make a Difference

I first moved to Washington, D.C., directly after graduating from the University of Virginia in 1990. I moved to 31st Street in Hawthorne in the Fall of 2000, when I married my husband, a Hawthorne resident since 1970. In 2004, we had our one son who attended Lafayette and Deal and refused to go anywhere other than Wilson. I'm a long-time community volunteer, having volunteered on issues affecting women's health, domestic violence, and at-risk youth. For over 28 years, I've been a dedicated public servant providing supervision and community-based services to at-risk populations, and enforcing federal laws designed to protect American citizens and communities from illegal trade crimes and opportunistic financial crimes involving federal housing programs.  And as a member of the federal Inspector General community, I have the added privilege of ensuring agency accountability in administering programs and policies with integrity, efficiency, and in the public's best interest. I'm committed to leveraging my personal and professional experiences to represent your interests in a fair, transparent, and equitable manner.


We're fortunate to live in a quiet enclave where we benefit from a walkable, livable community close to the abundant habitat and beautiful scenery of Rock Creek Park. As idyllic as our community may seem, we are not immune from the complex issues found throughout other communities in Washington, D.C. Our ANC has tackled relevant topics and is actively addressing critical community priorities such as the Connecticut Avenue business district project, development of the Chevy Chase Community Center and library projects, and addressing long stemming racial justice concerns. And in our Single Member District, we have several major infrastructure projects in progress and planned, including the Oregon Avenue and Chestnut Street Reconstruction Projects. Thus, it's more important than ever that the community's voice informs ANC decisions. Empowering residents with a chance to weigh in on policies, projects, and priorities offer residents an opportunity to strengthen the governing process.  ANC Commissioners are the conduit in this process.


As your elected ANC Commissioner, I pledge to:

  • Build a strong communication network to ensure residents are informed of issues affecting our Single Member District, the ANC, and local government;

  • Leverage our collective ideas and solutions to assist the ANC in making decisions on policies, resolution, and issues affecting our community; and

  • Hold our elected officials accountable to our priorities and values in the ANC and the D.C. government.

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