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Preserving Rock Creek Park
Wildlife Protection

Guiding Values

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions provide Washington, D.C. residents with a voice on issues affecting their neighborhoods.  As ANC Commissioner, I pledge to engage residents on community issues and priorities. It’s also important to know what values guide me. Read on to learn about what I value.

Resident Engagement

I believe the ANC Commissioner's role is to facilitate and advocate for residents to solve issues, facilitate discussions, and connect residents to essential and needed community services.  I am committed to actively engaging residents in the ANC's ongoing operations.   To make the right decision for the Single Member District, I will actively seek diversity of opinion and champion resident inclusiveness in ANC operations.

Focus Areas:​

  • Build a diverse coalition of community voices, including Block Captains, new and long-time residents, and youth leaders.

  • Develop and implement a communication plan that is informative of ANC decisions, issues, Single Member District concerns, and neighborhood projects and initiatives.

  • Transparent issue tracking and resolution.

  • Develop a Single Member District website to facilitate information sharing with neighbors, including highlights of important ANC issues, community events, and updates.

  • Facilitate interactive constituent meetings, including creative options to meet with less mobile neighbors.

Transportation and Infrastructure

I want to promote a walkable and livable community.  ANC 3/4G-01 is within walking distance to neighboring schools, businesses, and restaurants on Connecticut Avenue.  Traveling safely back and forth is essential to connecting residents to activities that promote active and healthy lifestyles and our neighboring businesses.


  • Promoting multi-modal transportation approaches that emphasize pedestrian and cyclists' safety.

  • Preserving the M4 and E6 bus routes to ensure safe and affordable transportation options and no community impact. 

  • Champion equitable transportation options to all residents throughout the District of Columbia.

  • Chestnut Street Sidewalk and Oregon Avenue Roadway projects.

  • Roadway and sidewalk repair and maintenance.

  • Safe walking and biking routes.

  • Minimize the impact of infrastructure projects on traffic detoured to side streets.

  • Supporting VisionZero.

Green Spaces and Conservation

One of our most prized assets in ANC 3/4G-01 is our proximity to Rock Creek Park and its surrounding tributaries.  There are many benefits to being near the park, including promoting physical and mental health, aiding in noise and air pollution, and creating habitats for many plant and wildlife species.  It's a jewel that we want to preserve for future generations, and there are a few things we can collectively do to keep this fantastic resource protected.

  • Educating residents on the threats urban living poses on our green spaces.

  • Understanding approaches to preserving and protecting the natural habitat and wildlife in Rock Creek Park and its tributaries.

  • Educating residents on the District of Columbia's RiverSmart Homes program.

  • Watershed clean-up and maintenance in Rock Creek Park.

Coalition Building

Recent events have demonstrated the importance of the collective community working together to address systemic social issues. There are continued inequities in housing, transportation, health care, education, and other areas contributing to our socio-emotional survival. We can extend the ANC's leadership in addressing issues that don't reflect our values of social equality and bring about positive change throughout Washington, D.C.

Focus Areas:

  • Sustaining relationships with both Wards 3 and 4.

  • Continued support of the ANC's resolution to remove the Francis Newlands plaque from the Chevy Chase fountain.

  • Supporting the ANC's Racial Justice task force.

  • Seeking ways to be inclusive and review policies, regulations, and activities through a social and racial justice lens.

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